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TechShareUkraine has a simple mission: to bring critically needed tech supplies to Ukrainians. Due to the ongoing crisis, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee to neighboring countries, and they need technology to rebuild their lives. We partner with companies from around the world to collect, digitally wipe, and transport technology directly to Ukrainians. 

Collaboration with Team Kraków

TechShareUkraine was privileged to collaborate with Team Kraków to provide over 40 electronic devices (including laptops, tablets, and cell phones) as well as humanitarian aid. Donations were taken directly into Ukraine by Team Krakow, and distributed to areas of the most need.

Dębniki Foundation

While in Kraków, Matthew had the privilege to interview Lena Mykhailova. Lena, a Ukrainian refugee herself, is the coordinator at Fundacja Kocham Dębniki, a Ukrainian refugee center in Kraków. Lena has worked tirelessly to build a supportive community in the face of devastating tragedy. She is now looking for donors to help her in establishing the Foundation Shoulder to Shoulder, a refugee center in Ukraine itself. 

Montrose Software

TechShareUkraine worked with an international software development company, Montrose Software, to collect donations for its Ukraine relief effort. Montrose has operations in Krakow, and TechShareUkraine collaborated with them to facilitate donations for Team Krakow. 

Newark Academy's Tech Drive

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has threatened to sever Ukrainians from the rest of the world. Millions of refugees have been forced to flee, leaving everything behind, including personal devices. These refugees need technology to communicate with family back in Ukraine, get new jobs, and rebuild their lives. In response, I presented a call to action to our school of over 500 students. Together, we collected over 40 devices! I then digitally wiped these devices and uploaded Ukrainian language software to ready our donation for transport to Poland, and then to the Ukraine. 

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