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Meet The Team


Matthew Herbert

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Matthew is a high school student at Newark Academy. He is passionate about STEM education and exploring intersections between engineering design, digital media, and technology.


Jason Mo

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Jason Mo, a senior at Newark Academy, is a researcher with a passion for neuroscience and music. Jason hopes to improve the well-being of his local community and bring STEM opportunities to other people. He is dedicated to pursuing TechShare’s objective and is motivated to create change in his community.


Michael Wyche

Chief Media Officer

Michael is a high school student at Newark Academy. He likes to do video editing and loves to learn about technology and spread his knowledge to those interested in the topic.


Abby Hsu

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Abby is a high school student at Newark Academy, who is passionate about utilizing technology to solve wider societal problems. She is also involved in multiple community service initiatives, and is excited to take on TechShare!


Carly Dub

Chief Technology Officer

Carly is a high schooler who has a love for STEM and engineering. She is eager to help the community and share all the resources that STEM has to offer. Carly is also involved with robotics and making the world more sustainable!

Our Origins

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