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Our Impact


TechShareUkraine has a simple mission: to bring critically needed tech supplies to Ukrainians. Due to the ongoing crisis, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee to neighboring countries, and they need technology to rebuild their lives. We partner with companies from around the world to collect, digitally wipe, and transport technology directly to Ukrainians. 

NJIT Pitch & Grant

With our goal of promoting equitable access to technology, we applied for the NJIT Community Service Challenge. We presented what TechShare is about, what we have done, and what we plan to do in the future. TechShare won $1500 that has helped us to purchase more technology and resources that we have since been able to share! This was such as great experience as it gave us the opportunity to show what TechShare is all about and what we are doing to work towards our goal. We would like to thank everyone at NJIT who helped us along the way and continue to even after this amazing event! 

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Continued Partnership With The Boys & Girls Club Of Newark

We held a second triumphant event at the Boys and Girls Club in Newark! We taught fourth graders about constructing and controlling a robot which they got to race at the end! This event is the second of our series of events with @bgcnewark, and we hope to continue this streak of inspiring kids with STEM! Thank you to the Montclair Learning Center, The Boys and Girls Clubs, and to all the volunteers we had!


A Visit To A School For The Children Of Migrant Workers In China.

We had an extraordinary time in the Lian Ying school, a school for children of migrant workers. With the children, we went through the processes of building, fixing, and ultimately racing the robots! The kids were so excited when they saw their robots working! In the end, we talked about the limitless opportunities in technology and that this technology is just the surface. We wanted to thank Ms. Chou for helping us along the way, and Mr. Gao for hosting us at his school! Additionally, thank you so much to Newark Academy for lending us a few robotics kits!


A Partnership With The Peace Corps.

On January 4th, Techshare partnered with Victoria Deng as a part of the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. We had a phenomenal experience with kids in the Cruze de Cabreto area of Santo Domingo! Prior to the event, they had been asking every day if we were coming. Finally, the day came, during the event we worked hard to build robots and thrillingly raced them around! We donated Spanish books to help them build a community library, without realizing that many of these kids do not have the ability to read at all. Not only do these kids not have access to any technology which Techshare thought was the case, but they also had an even bigger problem that they lacked the basic skills of a regular student. We must raise awareness about this lack of proper education in impoverished communities and overall in third world countries, which is never talked about. We hope to continue hosting these life-changing events and have our impact reach as many kids as possible. Your relentless support is amazing, thank you for encouraging us to keep it going! 


A Partnership With The Batey Foundation.

On January 3rd, Techshare partnered with The Batey Foundation and held an extremely successful event in the community of San Luis. We had an incredible time with every kid, showing them the intricate details of building to the final touches in racing. They enthusiastically enjoyed seeing how their hard work in building paid off in the reward of a working robot! Most of these kids haven’t had any experience with robotics at all. Thinking about these kids in terms of our mission, we really solidified what our goal is moving forward: to introduce technology to underprivileged kids, hoping to spark their interests at a younger age.


TechShare's Start In A Rural Forgotten Mountainous Village In China.

Our founder Molly Cantillon visited her grandfather's hometown and was amazed to see the shortage of technology present. This prompted them to do something and Techshare Project is a result of her efforts.
During the event, they enjoyed teaching them simple coding in Scratch and sharing our passion for coding with them. Molly had lots of fun and hopes to do more outreaches. Through all of these small events and through Techshare, they hope to spark an interest in programming and technology in underprivileged kids, so they can grow up and not be left behind in a future of a technology-based world.

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